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This email is too long to make it onto the podcast this week but I felt I should let people see… this.

Dear my fav podcast, although all podcasts are created equal
Just like all humans are equal and all living things that harbor energy are equal

I am writing you today to explain what I have first handedly experienced regarding energy, wizardness, sorcery, and whatnot.

Energy is real
Chi, the life energy of humans is real.
It lives throughout time, that is a guess
Chi can be felt by humans (when living solely in the present moment and submitting to all, and it helps to not think), as well as transferred (directed) to other humans, and animals and living things!
Videogames are also real, for they are created out of energy! But for the sake of this conversation lets stick to humans and dogs.

I am a wizard (telepathic, the first not the only). Dogs are “telepathic” in such that they communicate through the body energies much better than us(humans). Telepathy in our mind (incorrect) is the manipulation of objects (energy or not) with our mind.
Telepathy in my mind, is the manipulation of energy by ourself, that correlates to the equal manipulation of energy in some one else. I do not choose this, energy does.
Simply put, one heart may be achieved through one mind (guess).

I do not choose to have energy, i choose to think or not to think.

My thoughts, when directed at an individual (human or dog) are felt by said individual.
Over the past weeks, it is apparent to me that humans have very similar brains.
It is also apparent that dogs (for example) also feel our energies (love, reproduction, chakras ect) but do not have a similarly architected brain, so their thoughts are incomprehensible to us.
People in my immediate surroundings share my energies even though i do not direct it at them, i am just overly energetic.
Too much so.

The energies of the body are called chakras.
There are 6 body chakras and 1 chakra above us, i like to think of as universal equality.

I rewrote the 7 sins to match up to universal equality.

Taunt / Control
Greed / Want
Wrath / Anger
Past                 (not real in ANY sense)
Future             (inherently not real)

Let it be noted that gluttony, sloth, and lust are not sins for they are not the driving force behind inequality, it is the pride and the control of others.
Doubt may confuse, but it simply is the vehicle that we use that removes us from total love of another.
These “new” sins are the unequalizers of universal love, as well as the removers of the mind from the present moment.
All energy(god) is equal even throughout time!
Matter seems to be a drastically slowed down form of energy, after a loooong period of time (guess).

2025 is the start of a HUGE turning point in human evolution ( a guess)
Although we are our own race, we are not the best race (pride)
We are creating a new race of energetic beings known to most as robots.
In the year 2025, hypothetically, robotic brain processors will be created to that equal to the human brain.

Back to the email.

I wanted to explain energy some more.
There is good (positive) energy, and bad (negative) energy. Everyone has both!
Energy starts, turns into a feeling, turns into a thought, or is echoed subconsciously by our actions.
The energy can start as good or bad, there is not a neutral energy, that is simply lack of energy.

In my opinion (lack of lore knowledge) a wizard channels positive energy, and a sorcerer negative energy.
A monk is simply a human who can channel these energies, but relies on lack of energy to feel the energies around.
This is what I am working on. I am working on simply listening to my surrounding at all times and controlling my mind so that it thinks when I wish to, and is silent otherwise. :)

Chakras are real! (weed makes them vivid shhhh)

Be love! Always in the present moment, and to every one and thing!

Everything will make sense way sooner than you think. ;)

(omit name)

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