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Anonymous asked:

I just realized you are building Giantbomb to be ethnically balanced. You yourself Jeff obviously have German heritage through your name. Vinny's a pure bred italian and Ryan T Davis is certainly hispanic, possible mexican in nature. Brad's the soul voiced southerner and to top it off, Patrick looks like a fucking frenchman with that facial hair. Good job dude.

We’re pretty much the Captain Planet of websites.

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  1. illmatic27 said: Ryan is hispanic?
  2. eccentrix said: Dave is from Russia/Ukraine and Drew is North Korean. Everybody is from Africa, that’s where humanity comes from.
  3. noautomobilesgo said: This needs to be your new tagline. Just put right on the front page.
  4. supakappa said: Where does Asia, Africa and eastern Europe fit into this?
  5. tuxedomarx said: EVERYBODY IS WHITE
  6. jeffgerstmann posted this
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