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m1grat1ons asked:

Hey Jeff. I was really sad to hear you say the Lucy looked appealing to you. Did you know that this whole idea about people not using 100% of their brains is just a bunch of stupid made up bullshit? I was taught it in high school as if it were some kind of science fact.

Oh my god, you mean that movie isn’t a real documentary about real events? OK, I take it all back.

Ubisoft announced today at San Diego Comic-Con that it is giving one lucky fan the ultimate gameplay experience: to go down in history as the first person to play a video game on Mt. Everest.
Ubisoft press release

fniii asked:

Giant Bomb seems to be going at quite a clip recently, is this something we can expect to be sustained?

We are experimenting with capacity right now, once we get a feel for that we’ll start thinking more about how we want to spend our time and experiment more with new premium ideas and so on. Perhaps we’ll make it out to an event or two, while we’re at it. The goal is to have a good variety of stuff across the board, not just “do more Quick Looks.”

figurehead00 asked:

I asked Dan this as well, but he was too busy watching Terminator 3 to respond. Serious question: Why are wrestlers always so wet. Especially the guys with long hair. They walk out from backstage completely soaked. Any idea?

They probably look tougher with wet hair than with, like, flowing, voluminous hair. But yeah, it’s also sort of disgusting.

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