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irritablecerebrum asked:

Jeff, sometimes I feel like Giant Bomb is a cool little niche site, but I often see evidence that it's actually pretty fuckin' huge.

I haven’t looked to see how big other sites were in a couple of years, but we are easily a “top ten game information web property” or whatever. Granted, that’s not nearly as impressive as it used to be since the big sites got smaller and a lot of other places shut down, but I wouldn’t exactly call us “niche.”

Or, like, I would, but then you might just call all video game sites “niche” these days. They ain’t what they used to be. Social Media and YouTube done rolled in and made the old “go to this website to see what this website is doing” process a little obsolete.


Dave launched his Kickstarter, which I’m backing so that I can use Webhook to make some sort of nightmarish web site of my own someday. I mean, I have all these dumb domains, I should probably put proper sites on them, right?

(But seriously, if you want to work with the illest CMS on the planet, this is probably your best bet.)

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