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irritablecerebrum asked:

How far should heels in wrestling be allowed to go? I think in some ways that the only way to get real heat nowadays would be to do things that are unacceptable in society. Should a wrestler be allowed to be completely racist or sexist to get heat? He's supposed to be a horrible person, but he's also being broadcast worldwide.

I think there are reasons to have horrible racists, sexists, and other garbage-y people in fiction, but it helps when you make those reasons really good and really sound. I feel like most people use those “traits” as shortcuts to make a character a villain, and that’s pretty shitty. Wrestling is the king of character-building shortcuts via stereotypes and such, so expecting them to handle a tricky subject like that with any amount of subtlety or craft is asking too much of them.

On one hand, wrestling is fun because it’s hacky and shitty around the edges… but when you have an audience that large and children that emulate what they see in those characters, there are probably plenty of lines that wrestling just shouldn’t cross.

benlaserlove asked:

Okay, as you are Giant Bomb's lead web developer and certainly the one person that makes ALL the decisions, here's a request that I hope gets considered: Produced content should link to multiple wiki articles (not just games) instead of just one game. It would remove the need for forum threads that document which game you guys play during live shows, or where certain ELECTRONIC CELEBRITIES IN THE GAMES COMMUNITY appear. Perhaps some sort of clickable box that reveals it, in case of "spoilers"?

We already do that, we just don’t surface all those associations on the video page. Go to the thing you want to see in the wiki and click the videos tab.

miggidymacdewi asked:

How do you feel about Roosterteeth really? You've made a few cracks at their expense when other people have brought them up but it seems like they're basically harmless or positive, rather than anything bad for gaming content online. Is it just lighthearted ribbing or do you not like the way they do things?

I’m not really familiar with their work. They’re probably very nice people!

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