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chiablo asked:

Would it be at all possible to archive the stream chat and polls in addition to the video? Half of the fun of watching a live show on Giant Bomb is seeing the chat madness. I would imagine emulating the live experience on an archived video would be maddeningly difficult, but it would be amazing.

Some engineers put some thought into doing that awhile back, but it’s tricky and not exactly a high priority thing. So yes, it’s possible, but I don’t think we’ll do that anytime soon.

jackelzxa asked:

You talked about jrpg's on your jar video, but do you think you might cover Persona 5? Considering what Persona 4 meant for the site, it would feel weird if none of you batted an eyelash at it.

Maybe, dunno. It’s a double-edged sword or something. On one hand I’m happy and grateful that so many people liked what we did with that game. On the other I’ve been hounded about it with so many questions for so many years that it’s started to sour me on the whole thing.


At current count we have over a dozen participating in this dumb games tournament. This thing really escalated from the original drunk idea.

Come along and cheer for your site. Or just boo everyone, whatever works.

We agreed to do this but I have no idea what the Hunger Games are so I’m not sure how it’ll turn into a video game-related thing and whatever, come check it out, I guess?

Roger's little rule book | Roger Ebert's Journal | Roger Ebert

I think a few of these are perhaps a bit too strict, and in these days when even the “filthy rich” companies aren’t exactly spreading it around to its employees (or their travel budgets), a few are outdated. But if you’re thinking about how one might want to carry oneself in this line of work, Ebert’s guidelines certainly aren’t bad.

Of particular note to me is the autographs/photos thing. I’ve never been a big fan of either, so I’d never really ask for those even if I wasn’t working. But whenever I see someone in my line of work trying to get photos and autographs from famous game developers, my heart breaks a bit. Don’t bring some obscure PC Engine game with you to an interview so you can get the guy who made it to sign it. Act like you’ve been there before, damn it.

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