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excast asked:

It seems like you have been out of the office quite a bit since E3. Is everything going well on your end? Just using up some vacation time or something?

I have more vacation time than the company typically allows me to accrue (because the old company had a higher cap than the new one does). So I finally found a good life reason to take some time off and I’m using little bits of it here and there so I can get under the cap and start actually earning more vacation hours again.

Also we finally got some people hired and it’s less devastating to our output if someone takes some time off. That leads to me being able to take a vacation without feeling insanely guilty about it.

The whole thing feels a bit like a pyramid scheme. I’ll be back in next week.

wemibelec asked:

Having just re-upped my subscription to GB (keep up the great work!), I received a new coupon code to the store. This got me wondering--do you guys plan to add any new shirts/merch to the store in the near future?

Yeah, there’s a hot new design working its way through the system as we speak! Should hopefully be up soon.

mtwill asked:

Hey Jeff. I found a Philips CD-i on the sidewalk in Berkeley today, with 9 games including 2 of those weird Zelda games that Nintendo licensed (Wand of Gamelon and Faces of Evil). Any interest in coverage on giantbomb, a livestream or something? I'd gladly donate it to you before selling it on ebay for the hundreds of dollars people are willing to pay for these apparently TERRIBLE games.

Is there some sort of CD-i renaissance happening or something? I feel like I’ve been in a lot of CD-i conversations lately. We’d like to do something with some of those games at some point. I’ve only really seen one or two CD-i games and I haven’t really seen them since they were new.

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