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nodima asked:

MySpace did a multi-page history of the making of Volume 10's "Pistol Grip Pump" because it's 2014 and the story needed to be told. It's history is deeper than remembered. Such as, "Psychopathic Rydas—a side project of Insane Clown Posse and other acts on their label Psychopath Records—took the beat wholesale for their track "Dumpin'" in 2000".

Yeah, the Psychopathic Rydas was essentially a mixtape-style thing where all the beats were stolen.

marcusofadown asked:

So if everything else is in place (set-up, good acting, all that jazz), what type of wrestler do you prefer watching? Personally I can't stand the big, slow muscle packs. A match is at its best I feel, when there's a good mix of high flying acrobatics, big moves and just in general stuff that you don't feel like you could pull off at home on the driveway, if you know what I mean.

Yeah, I’m with you. I like well-rounded wrestlers that can do some of everything. The big muscle guys usually bore me unless they have some other dimension to their character.

The more I think about it, maybe Cesaro is the ultimate wrestler. He’s got it all (with the exception of an active storyline).

violet-owl asked:

Jeff! I'm an European and I just bought A&W root beer. I don't know what kind of spices Americans use, but that just tasted like menthol. Root beer over here usually means things like ginger, cinnamon etc. Is A&W supposed to taste like menthol?

A&W is probably the most “processed” root beer on the market. It’s a big, mainstream thing that isn’t big on the individual flavors you’d get with a more… I don’t know, a more “honest” root beer? I don’t think it tastes like menthol, though. It (along with Mug) with the only root beers you could get for years and years, so it’s what I grew up with and it’s what I think of when I think of root beer. All the other, fancier ones with detectable flavors usually taste “bad” to me when I’m expecting something that tastes like root beer.

I don’t especially like the taste of ginger or cinnamon in beverages, so if those are noticeable, detectable flavors in a drink., I’d probably see that as a negative. I’ve been trying more ginger ale recently, though, so maybe that will change.

jackelzxa asked:

Being stuck with a bad run at a checkpoint sucks, but hp regen is so easy to exploit that its a terrible solution. It's just too powerful of an ability. There are other ways to design healing options without trivializing every conflict in the game with a super easy "crouch to heal" mechanic. Having an inventory of healing options, or even limited regen, are far more interesting. Wolverine healing powers make bullets meaningless. Fighting a Cyberdemon would be a joke with auto-healing.

Then those “crouch to heal” games need better AI that can flush you out and make that a risky option. You’re right that Doom would be stupid with auto-healing, but that’s because that game was designed from the ground up without regenerating health. I think either method is viable, but the games need to be built to support that style 100%. It’s about way more than just health regen.

Most games that don’t have regenerating health result in you performing some manner of upkeep between encounters, whether it’s using inventory items or scouring the environment for health packs. Neither of those make for particularly fun gameplay, either. I’m there for the action, not to be a maintenance man.

jackelzxa asked:

In the Unfinished: Destiny Beta you expressed distaste for "Some Checkpoints being more difficult than others" but that is sort of the key to having an interesting difficulty curve. Otherwise, you just have a boring hill climb or, at worse, a game that feels "routine", and fuck that. Regenerating Health just mean less work for designers. I don't have to think about how to solve a problem, because if i just crouch behind a rock its the answer to EVERY solution, and fuck that. It's humdrum!

Regenerating health solves one problem while tasking designers with ensuring that every encounter is dangerous on its own. It changes the situation from “we don’t know how much health the player will have when they get here” to “we know precisely what state the player will be in at the start of this encounter.” I don’t think that one is necessarily worse than the other, as long as designers are effective at building those encounters for the situation at hand.

I just hate getting into situations where I checkpoint with extremely low health and have to basically get as cheap as possible by exploiting holes in enemy AI just to proceed. That feels shitty.

conspiravision asked:

In wrestling, what is a good match in your opinion?

Wrestling is at its best when they’ve created a match with a story build-up that matters and competitors that can credibly carry that story. Something meaningful has to be at stake, be it a championship belt or respect or possession of Randy Savage’s hat. The participants need to be able to speak effectively and convey the weight of the match during its build-up. That’s why it always blows me away when you see “bad talkers” like Randy Orton getting significant mic time. That’s my problem with Bo Dallas, too. Every time he talks I just think “real people don’t talk or inflect like that, this is stupid.” He’s not a believable character. WWE is a huge company with vast resources! Send these people out for some acting and public speaking lessons!

If I was solely interested in the quality of the in-ring action, I probably wouldn’t be watching WWE in the first place. That’s not to say I’m snobbish when it comes to actual wrestling. It’s just that without all of the other parts of the show in place, it doesn’t really do much for me on its own. (Or, even worse, it just turns me into someone who only watches matches for insane spots and/or botched moves).

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