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mrfiuke asked:

Any interest in checking out the Destiny Raid? based off some livestreams of it, there seems to be some actual tactics involved rather than just "scan this" and "shoot that guy"

I’d love to see more variety out of Destiny, but grinding the same bits over and over again in hopes of maybe getting gear that gets me above level 20 isn’t sounding very appealing right now.

thegeekyhusband asked:

With the recent success of the Patreon campaigns for "The Comedy Button" and "Kinda Funny", which are side projects of popular gaming journalists, would GB consider doing a Patreon to crowdfund the Giantbomb-on-the-Road project you mentioned during your PAX Prime Bar event?

No. We already have a premium membership plan for people who are interested in contributing to our continued growth.

ellrick asked:

How do you feel about The Addams Family pinball machine? You going to back the kickstarter to get it into the Pinball Arcade?

I always ended up buying the season passes for The Pinball Arcade, which meant I was buying two copies of the same table if I also pre-ordered it on Kickstarter. So I think I’m going to skip this one.

gonewacko asked:

So Microsoft expect to have made back the $2.5 billion by 2015. They're going to make a toys-to-life version of it right?

No, they’ll probably keep on selling it and then license the shit out of it. I know there are Legos and other Minecraft-branded things on the market… but there could probably be more.

mtcantor asked:

Is there a thought-out reason that the "New Games" list on the website starts two weeks back? Not like it's a big deal, but it's always jarring when I check for upcoming games and then go slightly back in time. Also, thanks for having that list in general. It's great.

I think the list shows two weeks back and two weeks forward? We wanted it to be a long enough page to be interesting.

foodcups asked:

Does the textureless look of Virtua Fighter 1 have a name? It's not exactly cell shaded.

I want to say that texture-less models like that are said to be “flat-shaded” but it’s early in the morning and I could be crazy. But that’s what I’m going with.

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