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kronotross asked:

Jeff, you monster. I'm maybe 2/3rds of the way through this week's Bombcast and I already have a level 5 Super Rare Goldust who hits 170 Speed when he uses Final Cut. I want to blame you, but I can only blame myself. Does it matter if I level up my cards before combining them, or do you think all Pro cards are made the same?

I think the tutorial says you get more out of your cards if you level them before you combine them, but I’m not sure. I have a set of rare Jack Swaggers that I’m leveling now because OH GOD JUST KILL ME

danlongman asked:

So remeber a long time ago I asked if you wanted a 360 hddvd drive and a bunch of hddvds. I finally found the power code. Saskatchewan mailbag incoming. Also bad canadian energy drinks and weird chip flavours. Excited for bacon poutine chips?

Bacon Poutine chips sound like a crime.

joshmille99 asked:

Jeff, after the WWE talk on the Bombcast, it had me wondering: Whatever happened to Shane McMahon? He just kinda disappeared and I dont know if he still does behind the scene things or if he pissed off the Mean Street Posse and hasnt been seen since.

He left to go run a company that makes… Chinese Netflix or something along those lines? Not sure what they do.

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